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Working with a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

So you need help, you do not want to hire an employee, as you do not have that in the budget - but you need support with admin task or social media that are driving you crazy and not letting you build your business - so what can you do??

The answer is actually very simple - hire a virtual assistant. But wait... what is a virtual assistant? how can I work with someone I have never physically met? can I trust this person? how will I communicate with them? how can I entrust them with passwords or personal details?? Are all of these questions stopping you taking the next step to improving your work life balance?

A virtual assistant is very simply someone who is self-employed, who can work for you and your business remotely supporting with pretty much anything. We invoice hours monthly, we track hours worked using Toggl so you can see everything we have done for you that month. We can work from as little as 30 minutes a month to 30 hours a week - depending on the clients needs.

As we are self-employed or a limited companies, you do not need to add us to your payroll - so no employee on-costs need to be paid. We do not invoice for holiday pay, and we work remotely so have our own hardware and software packages and equipment set-up.

So what else is stopping you - oh yes - security and communication. The clients I work with stay in contact in different ways. Email, Whatsapp. WeChat, Messanger. All the apps are open when I am working so messages can be dealt with quickly. Initial consultations take place using zoom - or whatever video platform the client works with. Then we come to security of your data and passwords. I use Dropbox for client information and I am registered with ICO as I process personal information. I back-up regularly using Malwearbytes For passwords, clients can you Lastpass or to send passwords.

I am fully insured as a Virtual Assistant - but most importantly I am a professional and I take this responsibility incredibly seriously. I am a member of the Society of Virtual Assistants. I also have an up to date DBS.

This blog is to help new and potential clients understand what a virtual assistant is and how we can support you. 'What is a Virtual Assistant?' does seem to be a common search on Google.

So what is stopping you taking the next step? I am always happy to discuss projects and support with new clients - and I hate the hard sell - so you will not get that. I think a trial is also really important with new clients.

So please do not hesitate to get in touch Or check me out of facebook , Instagram or linkedin

I am looking forward to allying your concerns.

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