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Website Traffic - Is it Converting?

If the traffic you’re driving to your website isn’t converting, the problem may not be your campaigns. What’s happening with your landing page?

The Perfect Landing Page Blueprint

A successful landing page guides visitors from seeing the happy result of working with you down through the issues you solve to final reassurance. Here’s the framework:

Start with a hero headline and subheading to establish the ultimate outcome you provide.

Next, clearly detail the struggles you alleviate tying each feature to an aspirational benefit. Then, share three positive transformations derived from your features, framed around your ideal customer’s desires.

Follow these up with three customer endorsements to reinforce your claims. Finally, handle common objections.

The flow first sells the emotional desire for change, then logic backs it up as social proof, and specifics pull consumers toward the final sale.

Today's tip is inspired by Wes McDowell.

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