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The Rise of the Virtual Assistant

An increasingly number of people are opting to work from home. But it is not easy to have your office and house at the exact same location.

Firstly, the line between work and home life is blurred, and secondly, you are no longer with your team, able to ask colleagues or employees to help with quick, small tasks or admin. This is where hiring a virtual assistant will come in handy for small business owners, entrepreneurs, even extremely busy freelancers.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (or VA for short) is like a digital secretary who works online to help small businesses. They are the ones behind the screens and many of them often do not meet their employer face-to-face. A virtual assistant is a real human being whose job is to aid your company with whatever you need. They can lessen your workload.

Plus, they can be another employee of the company, a freelancer, or an independent contractor. Their goal is to help the company run smoothly by doing certain jobs from content writing, SEO, data entry, scheduling, and even email and social media marketing. Some can even create animated videos for your business. A lot of virtual assistant services aim to do the “small” tasks so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

The Pros and Cons of Using A Virtual Assistant

Working from home has many pros and cons. A pro is that you can make your own hours. A con is that it is easy to lose focus and social interaction is limited to none. With a virtual assistant, your company would be able to up their productivity in that they would have someone to keep track of what they do. Someone who can remind them of upcoming deadlines and the likes. This is certainly a pro.

Another pro is that they would also be working from home meaning that you would not need to supply them with equipment. This can save you money. Plus, they can work anywhere as long as there is an internet connection and an outlet for their laptops.

Cons also exist in the virtual assistant world. Communication can be an issue as you are not in the same physical space as the Virtual Assistant. However, there are so many different forms of instant communication available from messaging to zoom to apps – it is just deciding on the best one for you.

At Virtual Satsuma we work with different clients, all with different needs and different ways of communicating, we spend time working with the client to make sure the set-up works for both parties.

So, what is stopping you?? If you are thinking about working with a Virtual Assistant please give me a call on 07985 471060, or email me at

“The futures bright – the futures virtual”.

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