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The Cost of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

So 2020 has seen an unprecedented amount of change in people's working lives. One of these changes has been the way people now work, with a large number working from home and using 'virtual' forms of communication such as zoom and Skype. For me, I have been working virtually for 3 years now and I really enjoy working from home - after a very intensive career as a School Business Manager, I felt it bought balance back into my life (plus my dogs love me always being here).

Hiring a Virtual Assistant - that you may never physically meet should not scare you - you just learn new ways to communicate - using zoom, or Whatsapp - for me instant messaging is really key.

So what are the cost benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant? - the image above demonstrates this very well. The employee cost is one benefit, but other benefits include:

no office space is required, no IT equipment will need to be bought and no software licence costs - we even provide our own insurance and DBS.

As we enter 2021 - companies will be looking at how their employees work and where their employees work and I truly believe we will see many more companies working flexibly and using virtual staff.

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