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Social Media Posting

  • Are you using social media to it's best potential for you business?

  • Are you being efficient and effective in posting on social media?

  • Do you know which platform potential clients are 'hanging out' in.

  • Is your business, business to business or business to customer?

It's a minefield to get it right and can be time-consuming to post daily. Did you know there are apps where you can schedule and post across multiple media, you can schedule for a week in advance. There are websites with free images and free graphic packages.

There is so much you can do to support your business using social media from generating more traffic to your website and improving SEO, to commenting and sharing on influencers posts on Instagram, in the hope you may get a share back.

With 71% of consumers willing to refer friends and family to a brand that has provided a positive customer experience on social media, you need to be there for your customers. As well, 21% of consumers say it’s more likely they’ll purchase from companies they can reach on social. The same number say they prefer social as the best way to talk to customer service.

So getting it right is crucial - I am going to be honest - I am no expert at creating a social media strategy for your company, but I can help with the basics from daily posts to creating content. It is so worthwhile spending some time, thinking about what you want to achieve, where your clients are, how quickly you want to connect with them - what do you want to say to them. So unless you can get a 'Kardashian' endorsement on Insta - having a strategy and sticking with it, will be the way to get results.

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