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Comfort Zone

I have decided to really push myself outside my comfort zone lately - so network more, record a live, engage on social media more - all necessary to grow Virtual Satsuma and engage with new potential clients.

There are lots of ways to network virtually at the moment - Zoom is fantastic at creating a virtual network setting - you can even upload your logo to use as your backdrop for the meeting. There are also lots of ways to network - whether you join a paid membership organisation such as BNI, or drop into free sessions - I did just this the other day and joined the free monthly 'She-Enjoys Attracting Business FREE Training & Networking | Vivienne Joy'. Networking is crucial to grow your business, finding out where your potential clients hang out - and hang out with them. Facebook and Instagram are great arenas for this. But getting out there meeting people, letting them know who you are and what you do is so important. I get that it can be daunting - but I have found from the groups I have joined lately that in actual fact everyone is very nice and supportive and wants to listen.

So my next challenge was to record a 'live' putting a face to the business name? Who is the Virtual Satsuma and what do I do differently. Lots of people say as a virtual assistant you need to niche - I think this is down to personal preference and the industry you are comfortable or experienced working in. I have decided to 'niche' slightly differently by being flexible with hours and the contract - you may only need a virtual assistant for 30 minutes a month - I can provide this, or you may need a virtual assistant for 30 hours a month I can provide this. You may only need to use me for 30 minutes once... again I can support this. So thinking about niching and tag lines - I am leaning toward 'The Flexible Virtual Assistant' I have even recorded my first 'live' this month - again Zoom is great for this. I have watched it back, I have critiqued myself to death - I had a go, I can definitely improve - and now I have found it very easy to do and record - I can start doing more lives. It so much easier to watch a 2 minute video then read something!!

Finally I have been engaging more on social media, joining groups and introducing myself, posting comments - and comments back have been supportive.

This blog is all about your comfort zone - pushing yourself and reaping the rewards. I suppose the old adage 'If it doesn't kill you, it makes your stronger' sums this up perfectly. So what are you waiting for - get yourself out there - network, engage and record a live.

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