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A world of Apps

Have you ever wondered how we worked in a world before apps... I started work in 1992 - yes I really am that old. My first job was with British Rail, where you could smoke at your desk, there was one computer per department and every thing was on paper.

Now nearly 30 years later our working world is so different, emails, office and apps. Today I can post to my Virtual Satsuma Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages, using an advert I have created on Canva, I can boost my posts using social media tools, clients can text, email or message me immediately and I can send an automated reply, if I am not available using Dubsado.

However how many of you are oblivious to all the apps out there to make your business smoother to operate. This is where Virtual Assistants are invaluable - tell us the problem and we will find the solution - and yes it quite often involves an app.

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